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We are EVENTHORIZON a team of professional Photographers, Videographers and Editor.

Whether you are putting your wedding album together or just uploading the image on the web people will get to see it. Creating your images with the right photographers will help you to preserve memories in better way. Way of color and emotion told like a story by the precious moment. Our projects are inspired by light, color, creative perspective, techniques and personalities. People from around the world using our services, we strive to provide the highest standards of quality and unforgettable experience. 

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Our Portfolio

The Journey

When it comes time to begin your wedding planning experience, it’s important to prioritize your wedding photography over all other elements. Why is this the case? When your band has packed up all of their instruments, your food has all been eaten, your guests have said their goodbyes, and your venue has closed their doors – you will be left with incredible memories. While memories are beautiful, they are even more alluring when they are captured through wedding photography. These will be pictures that you and your companion will have for the rest of your lives.

We customize all of our wedding photography and videography to the needs and visions of our couples. Our work involves capturing original photography through the emotions behind the eyes of our subjects. All of our photography sessions are one-of-a-kind, involving unique composition, unique stories, and a unique romantic aesthetic.

The Investment

The Introduction
The introduction begins the moment you begin to explore my portfolio. This is the time you should take to imagine yourself in the shoes of all the couples you see. Does my photography style and artistic perception compliment your vision? If the answer is yes, then we move forward to The Consultation. This is your chance to ask me any and all questions you may have about my photography services.
The Engagement
In a big sense, The Engagement Session is the first chapter to your photojournalistic story that will be preserved for years to come. Not only is it the chance for me truly understand the dynamic between you and your true love, it’s the time for us to embark on an adventure. I want to capture candid moments that showcase genuine, realistic, and classic moments. These will be the first pictures that you share with friends and family, to introduce them to this so called first chapter.
The Wedding
Your sought-after wedding day has finally come, and you are about to enter the sanctity of a blissful marriage. When this day approaches, you will experience a million plus emotions ranging from happiness and fear, to passion and love, all the way to excitement and peace. My role is to capture each and every one of these emotions, so that an overall story can be told beginning with the first click of my camera.
The Album
There is no better way to tell the story of your wedding then the form of a handcrafted and luxurious heirloom album. It’s this decadent album that will sit on your living room table for guests to enjoy anytime they visit. This will be the book that will be passed on to your kids, grandkids, and even your great grandkids, so that they can look back on one of the happiest day of your lives.
The Insurance
Once your love story is captured within your wedding album, it’s time to go above and beyond to protect your images. We want to treat these images as if they were gold under Fort Knox. For any reason something happens to your album, you’ll feel safe and secure knowing there are multiple backups of all your photography. First and foremost, I will keep an online database of all your pictures which will be online indefinitely. You will have the convenience of accessing these pictures at any time to order prints. Second, I will personally provide you with a flash drive that has all of your images stored and backed up onto one location. Between all of these methods, it would take a Category 6 Hurricane and Zombie Apocalypse for you to lose all of your photography.

Our Packages

Premium Plus Package
Session Parameters:
Two Professional Photographer
Two Professional Videographers
10 Hours of Photo & Video Coverage
High Resolution Images
Video + Trailer + Album
Online Gallery ready within 30 Days
Interest Free, Low Monthly Payment Plan
50% Deposit Required
Premium Package
Session Parameters:
One Professional Photographer
One Professional Video
8 Hours of Photography Coverage
High Resolution Images
Edited Video
Online Gallery ready within 30 Days
30% Deposit Required
Love Story Session
Session Parameters:
One Professional Photographer
2.5 Hours of Photography Coverage
High Resolution Images
Online Gallery ready within 30 Days
Premium Social Media Package
Session Parameters:
One Professional Photographer
3x sessions(1x per week)
4.5 Hours of Photography Coverage
45x High Resolution Images
***Studio Session is not included
Commercial Projects
Session Parameters:
Professional Photographer
Professional Videographer
Concept Development
Location Scouting
Production Process
Post-production Process
100% of Created Content to be Provided