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We are EVENTHORIZON a team of professional Photographers, Videographers and Editors.

What is “Event Horizon”? 

Wiki: In astrophysics, an “event horizon” is a boundary beyond which events cannot affect an observer on the opposite side of it. An event horizon is most commonly associated with black holes, where gravitational forces are so strong that light cannot escape.

In the beginning: EVENTHORIZON was created by professional photographers and videographers, friends and colleagues working as freelancers for multiple studios in New York. Most of us started photography by just buying a camera and then getting an assistants job, learning thru process and experience evolving into a field professionals. Each of our team members has devoloped a unique set of skills and artistic vision. 

Our style is a combination between photojournalism and fine-art photography with a touch of fashion and creative lighting. Our photos are inspired by light, color, techniques from black & white processing, vintage photos, creative perspective, and of course, most importantly, the personalities of the people we photograph!

Our goal is to deliver unforgettable experience working with our professionals and provide our clients with professionally captured memories and moments. This is why we call ourselves Masters Of Time by stopping it for you like it happens at the boundary of EVENT HORIZON.

For You:

Whether you are putting your wedding album together or just uploading the image on the web people will get to see it. Creating your images with the right photographers will help you to preserve memories in better way. Way of color and emotion told like a story by the precious moment. Our projects are inspired by light, color, creative perspective, techniques and personalities. People from around the world using our services, we strive to provide the highest standards of quality and unforgettable experience. 


light composure

Photography is all about light! We mastered it. We use sunlight as well as a professional set ups.

Professional skills

Countless hours of experience. We never hire photographers or videographers without or bad reputation. 

Perfect Equipment

PRO LEVEL GEAR ONLY! Cameras, lenses or lighting. No compromises! 


For us post is as important as photography or videography itself. ONLY PROFESSIONALS ALLOWED!!!

uniQUE vision

We all have our own unique vision on composition or colors. When we team up with the client we work as team!


We are happy to follow you and your venue worldwide. 

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